Whistler WebcamsThere are plenty of amazing webcams in Whistler set up by the Mountain and the Municipality of Whistler.  On Whistler Mountain there are several webcams that update images every few minutes from the summit of Whistler Mountain and down at the Roundhouse Lodge.  On Blackcomb Mountain there are several more webcams at Rendezvous Lodge that point in six different directions, completing a panoramic view.  Down in Whistler Village there are the Village webcams that cover Mountain Square, where the two mountains meet and the centre of Whistler.

Whistler & Garibaldi Park

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There are also two beautiful livestream webcams set up by the Municipality of Whistler.  The Whistler Olympic Plaza livestream webcam is placed overlooking the plaza with Blackcomb Mountain in the background, The Fissile in the distance and the edge of Whistler Mountain on the right.  The Muni have another livestream camera, about a kilometre away at Whistler Golf Course pointing down the first fairway.  They also have a camera at the Crabapple Hut that updates every few minutes capturing a relaxing view of the golf course and distant Blackcomb Mountain, The Fissile and Whistler Mountain.  Back in Whistler Village at the base of the mountain is another excellent livestream webcam on the roof of the Sundial Hotel.  This one shakily shifts back and forth from the GLC to Skiers Plaza.

Whistler Olympic Plaza Livestream Webcam:

This fantastic livestream webcam is located at the north end of Whistler Village overlooking Whistler Olympic Plaza.  Whistler Olympic Plaza was built for the 2010 Winter Games for medal ceremonies and has since become one of the most popular areas in Whistler Village for special events and concerts.  The backdrop of the concert stage is Blackcomb Mountain and Whistler Mountain, which are captured by the webcam nicely.  The Fissile can also be seen in the distance between the two mountains.  The stage has a wonderful view of the mountains across the valley and almost always get commented on by performers on the stage during concerts.  In the winter months, the stage disappears and the cemented area is transformed into a skating rink.  The grass field becomes a mountain of snow and elaborate sledding ramps are carved out of it.  Many of the big events in Whistler are centred here as well, including the Ironman, the Gran Fondo, the Whistler Half Marathon and many more.

Sundial Boutique Hotel Livestream Webcams:

The Sundial Boutique Hotel has a livestream camera with an excellent view of Skier's Plaza.  Skier's Plaza is the part of Whistler Village where the two mountains meet.  From Skier's Plaza you have the Whistler Gondola, Fitzsimmons Express Chair and Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola and the focus of much of the excitement in Whistler.  Fireworks celebrations, concerts and huge sporting events take place here and the Sundial's livestream camera is a perfect view of it anytime you want.

Whistler Golf Club Livestream Webcam

Whistler Golf Club has this nice livestream webcam over their first tee.  Though it serves a functional purpose of monitoring for golfer start times, it also has a nice view down the first fairway.  The Whistler Golf Course is a very popular place for bears and you might get lucky and spot one wandering through on a nice, sunny spring, summer or fall day.

Whistler Mountain Roundhouse Webcam:

The Roundhouse webcam is possibly the best camera for checking the current weather and conditions for Whistler.  You instantly get a glimpse of how much snow there is, if the sun is out and how busy it is with people.  The position of the camera and the buildings facing south also gives you some great images.  Sunrises on this camera are almost always stunning as the sunlight reflects off the buildings, lighting them up dramatically against the blackness beyond.  In the summer the foreground grassy areas are bright green and the rest of the years an unbroken layer of white from the snow.  At 1850 metres or 6069 feet the Roundhouse often is surrounded in a sea of clouds, giving it a magical appearance that you never get tired of seeing.

Whistler Mountain Emerald and Helipad Webcams:

To the right of the Roundhouse webcam are two more cameras the Emerald camera and the Helipad camera.  They both look out toward the Emerald Chair and Blackcomb Mountain beyond.  A fantastic vantage point to the Spearhead Range, the mountain range that Blackcomb Mountain is part of.  Whistler Mountain lays in the Fitzsimmons Range directly across the valley facing the Spearhead Range.  Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain are separated by Fitzsimmons Creek which cuts between them down the valley, through Whistler Village and into Green Lake.  In the summer this camera shows the starting point for hikers heading to the summit of Whistler Mountain via Pika's Traverse and Mathews' Traverse, or to Russet Lake via the Musical Bumps trail.  The nice and easy Spearhead Loop trail links to the challenging Harmony Meadows trail or the moderately challenging Harmony Lake trail to connect to the challenging High Note trail, which in turn connects to the amazing Musical Bumps trail.  The Musical Bumps trail takes you along the beautiful, undulating ridge extending from the peak of Whistler Mountain and ends at the Singing Pass trail.  The Singing Pass trail then takes you up to Russet Lake or back down to Whistler Village, mostly running parallel to Fitzsimmons Creek.  The Singing Pass trail which predates Whistler as a ski town, is one of the main gateway trailheads to Garibaldi Provincial Park.  These days, the Singing Pass trailhead is found at the bus stop up the stars from the Dubh Linn Gate Pub.  The original trailhead and parking area is located 5 kilometres up the valley at the end of the mostly intact old gravel road that leads to the once used parking lot.  A landslide destroyed a section of this road a few decades ago and the road has since become a trail.

The Emerald Webcam

The Helipad Webcam

Whistler Mountain Big Red Webcam:

This is the Big Red webcam that is directed at the Big Red Express chair that connects from the Creekside Gondola.  This camera gives you an excellent view of the Peak Express chair which rises steeply up to the summit of Whistler Mountain.  At the summit you can see the Cloudraker Skybridge stretching across Whistler Bowl to the Raven's Eye viewpoint.  In the winter months the Cloudraker Skybridge is taken apart, leaving just the cables stretching across Whistler Bowl.  This is a great camera to see Whistler Mountain for conditions as well as a look at whether the Peak Express chair is open.  This steep and exposed chairlift is frequently closed due to harsh weather conditions.

Whistler Mountain Valley South Webcam:

This is another camera angle from the cluster of webcams near the Roundhouse on Whistler Mountain.  This one is called Valley South and gives an excellent view of the mountains across the valley opposite Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.  These two mountains are Mount Sproatt and Rainbow Mountain.  These two mountains are home to a huge network of trails that extend into the Callaghan Valley beyond.  On the other side of Mount Sproatt and to the left of Rainbow Mountain is Rainbow Lake.  Rainbow Lake is reached by  a popular hiking trail that starts near Rainbow Park on the far side of Alta Lake.  The Rainbow Trail cuts between the two mountains to reach Rainbow Lake, a pretty mountain lake and the source of much of Whistler's water.  This camera is not only a great way to view of these two mountains, but occasionally gives you a startlingly beautiful view of Whistler Valley.  Occasionally the valley fills with clouds and looks like a river of white flowing down the valley.  An amazing sight to see, and not as rare as you might think.

Whistler Mountain Peak Webcams:

These webcams are located in a cluster at the top of Whistler Mountain.  They are the Whistler Peak South, Whistler Peak West and the Whistler Peak North cameras.  The Whistler Peak South webcam is a stunning view of Whistler Valley and the snowy mountains beyond.  Similar to the Whistler Mountain Valley South camera, this one captures the extraordinary river of clouds that occasionally stretches down the valley.  On a clear, sunny day you can see almost to the ocean and on a cloudy day you can check the weather or snow conditions at the summit of Whistler Mountain.  The Whistler Peak West camera is an amazing camera that overlooks the top of the Peak Express chair as well as the Cloudraker Skybridge over to the Raven's Eye viewpoint.  This camera has the inukshuk at the far left whereas the Peak South camera has it on the far right.  This gives an anchor point to connect these two amazing Whistler summit viewpoints.  The third camera is the Whistler Peak North camera and is a continuation of the previous two cameras to create a panorama of the summit of Whistler Mountain.  This camera shows the top of the Peak Express appear over the cliffs, bringing skiers and snowboarders in the winter and hikers and bikers in the summer.  In the distance, far down the valley you can see Green Lake and in the top left corner Rainbow Mountain.  When there has been a lot of snow, this camera is particularly amazing as the snow piles high on the Peak Express chair towers and looks absolutely wonderful.  This camera seems to move occasionally, so don't be surprised if it is accidentally pointing in a strange direction.

The Peak Cam at the Summit of Whistler Mountain

Blackcomb Mountain Peak2Peak Webcam:

Similar to the cluster of webcams at the Roundhouse Lodge, the Rendezvous Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain has a set of cameras as well.  These cameras give you a 360 degree view of Blackcomb Mountain.  The Peak2Peak webcam looks from the Rendezvous Lodge across to the Peak2Peak Gondola building.  In the summer months this camera gives you a fantastic view of the start of the Blackcomb Mountain hiking trails that extend up beyond and to the right of the Peak2Peak building.  The area in the middle left is where most visitors head to get great views down the valley. 

Blackcomb Gondola Webcam:

This beautiful camera gives you a great view of the Blackcomb Gondola as it arrives and departs from next to the Rendezvous Lodge.  Down in Whistler Valley you can see Whistler's two large lakes, Alta Lake and Green Lake.  Rising above Alta Lake is Mount Sproatt and to the right of Mount Sproatt is Rainbow Mountain.  Back down in the valley in the far right is Green Lake.  Whistler Village is hidden behind the cluster of trees in the middle of the image.

Blackcomb Mountain Wishbone Webcam:

The Blackcomb Mountain Wishbone camera gives you a direct view of Green Lake in the centre of the picture.  Part of Whistler Village can be seen to the left of Green Lake.  Below Green Lake you can see Chateau Whistler Golf Course and to the left of that is Lost Lake partially obscured by trees.  Rainbow Mountain, on the left stretches to the sky, while the smaller mountain on the far right is Cougar Mountain.  The snowy mountain above and beyond Cougar Mountain is Ipsoot Mountain which towers above Pemberton.  This camera is named for the ski run visible in the lower, middle left that extends down to the Glacier Creek Lodge at the far right, bottom of the image.

Blackcomb Mountain Glacier Creek Webcam:

The Glacier Creek webcam has Glacier Creek Lodge in the bottom left corner.  Wedge Mountain can be seen in the top right of the image.  Wedge Mountain is the highest summit in the Garibaldi Ranges and Garibaldi Provincial Park at 2895 metres or 9497 feet.  Wedgemount Lake is arguably the most beautiful hike in Garibaldi Park.  The emerald green Wedgemount Lake is surrounded by mountains on all sides with Wedge Glacier stretching from the end of the lake up to Wedge MountainWedge MountainBlackcomb Mountain and Whistler Mountain are the three mountains that dominate the skyline from Whistler Village.

The Crystal Road and Couloir Webcams:

These two cameras complete the 360 degree panorama that the six Rendezvous Lodge cameras combine to make.  The Crystal Road webcam is named for the ski run that is visible in the middle left of the image.  The Couloir webcam is named from the couloir it faces.  A couloir is the name for a steep mountainside gorge, shown here rising above Jersey Cream Bowl

Whistler Village Webcams:

These three webcams show Skier's Plaza at the base of Whistler Mountain.  Three of Whistler's best and best known pubs are found here.  The GLC, the Longhorn and Dubh Linn Gate, though the Dubh Linn Gate is not visible on these cameras, though one camera is just above their patio.

The Crabapple Hut Webcam:

The Crabapple Hut webcam is located on Whistler Golf Course.  The Crabapple Hut is a small hut that sells food and drinks at the far end of the golf course.  The webcam looks down the fairway to Blackcomb Mountain.  On a clear day it also gives an excellent view of the Peak2Peak Gondola and The Fissile beyond.

Hwy 99 at Portage Rd, Pemberton

Sea to Sky Highway Pemberton NorthSea to Sky Highway Pemberton WestSea to Sky Highway Pemberton South

Hwy 99 at Lorimer Rd, Whistler Village

Sea to Sky Highway Lorimer NorthSea to Sky Highway Lorimer EastSea to Sky Highway Lorimer South

Hwy 99 at Village Gate Blvd, Whistler Village

Sea to Sky Highway Village Gate NorthSea to Sky Highway Village Gate EastSea to Sky Highway Village Gate South

Hwy 99 at Lake Placid Rd, Whistler Creekside

Sea to Sky Highway Creekside NorthSea to Sky Highway Creekside EastSea to Sky Highway Creekside South

Hwy 99 at Function Junction, Whistler

Sea to Sky Highway Function NorthSea to Sky Highway Function South

Hwy 99 at Daisy Lake

Sea to Sky Highway Daisy Lake NorthSea to Sky Highway Daisy Lake South

Hwy 99 at Alice Lake, Squamish

Sea to Sky Highway Alice Lake NorthSea to Sky Highway Alice Lake South

Hwy 99 at Britannia Beach

Sea to Sky Highway Britannia Beach NorthSea to Sky Highway Britannia Beach South

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